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Opportunities & Skills For Any Setting


The Central Virginia area has many well-respected hospitals.  Therapists who are placed in these hospitals are given extensive orientation and training to prepare them for the challenges of a fast-paced medical facility.  

Out-Patient Clinics

​TRI's is working to establish relationships with the many, new out-patient clinics entering the Central Virginia area.  We are seeking contacts within those organizations as well as therapists desiring this critical and fast-paced setting.

School Systems

Therapists are trained to meet the unique demands of school-based practice and compliment the educational process.  They are prepared to evaluate and provide treatment as outlined in Individualized Education Plans (IEP's).

Home Health

TRI has a long-standing relationship with home health agencies and understands the census demands of this fluctuating setting.  The therapists who work in home health have a strong dedication to these patients and the complexities that go with working in their homes.

Early Intervention

Therapists work with a team of specialists to help babies and toddlers with developmental delays and disabillties. Services may also be provided to address the needs and priorities of the child's family.  Family-directed services are meant to help the famliy menbers understand the special needs of their child and his or her devopment.

Long Term Care

​TRI's therapists are speifically trained to deliver the many services that are unique to long-term care patients.  They are well-prepared to meet the changing needs of these individuals and understand the complexeties of this rapidly increasing population.

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