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CFY Program

TRI is Committed to YOUR Education and Advancement.


We offer a clinical fellowship to transition pathologists between supervised graduate level practicum to the independent delivery of services.  The fellowship includes, but is not limited to:

  • Direct student contact

  • Consultations

  • Record keeping

  • Other relevant duties


Most of our CFY programs are school-based in a public school setting.  SLPs seeking their CCCs would be placed at a single school throughout their fellowship.


Careful consideration will be given to match the clinical fellow with compatible supervisors, location and availability.  The supervisor is always available by phone, but will be available a minimum of 12 hours every three months.  The supervisor will complete formal assessments as required by CFY.


Generally, it will take about nine months or a school year to complete the CFY.  If the clinical fellow works part-time, it will naturally take longer.


Once the CFY is completed, the SLP is eligible to become ASHA certified and to apply for a license to practice as an SLP-CCC.  Extension of employment with Therapy Resources is always welcomed.

CFY Program

CFY Program

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